Bellezza By H

Jewelry and Acessories Fashion Delivered To Your Door

Bellezza By H was founded in 2017 by Hande Ertürk Atakan.

By following the world fashion and trends, each of them has a health certificate, anti-allergic and top quality products, keeping the pulse of the sector in the world of jewelery in Turkey.

In addition to retail sales, it also makes a name for itself by working actively in the design, manufacture, import/export of all kinds of accessories and bags.

“Bellezza By H Woman” is a self-confident, unique, well-groomed woman in social life, always young and not afraid of innovations or trying novelties. She is mysterious and elegant she.

The utmost target for Bellezza By H, which has a dynamic, productive and flexible structure according to the conditions of the day, is to always have the product and service quality at the highest level.

Hande Ertürk Atakan
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