BBH Points System

BBH Points is a customer loyalty program where you earn 5% of your cart amount for your purchases through the Bellezza By H website.

You’ll get the chance to earn additional discounts by deducting your accumulated points from your cart amount on your next purchases.

To collect BBH Points, you need to create a customer membership on our Bellezza By H site. In this way, you can see your points accumulated from your purchases made during various periods through your membership account and you can get additional discounts by using them instead of money for your purchases.

After you become a member and sign in, on the page of each product, under the add to cart button, you can see the amount of points and currency value you will earn when you purchase the product. 1 BBH Point is worth 1₺.

New members of our site earn 5 BBH Points as gifts. Then the points you earn from your purchases are added to it and accumulated.

After saving 10 BBH Points, you can spend your points as a discount on your basket amount of 100₺ or more.

Site membership is required to see BBH Points and earn points.

BBH Points system is a system designed to reward time-distributed purchases. You can only register these purchases by creating a membership on the site. At Bellezza By H, we automatically delete your orders with guest status from the system for your privacy some time after delivery.


You must redeem your BBH Points within 6 months of the date you win. After 6 months, your points will be deleted.

You will not receive any additional messages regarding the expiration date of your BBH Points. Therefore, we recommend that you use your points earned with your order in less than 6 months.

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