Moissanite, which is impossible to distinguish from a diamond with the naked eye, also has a magnificent shine and durability that lasts a lifetime.

Moissanite, which draws attention with its extraordinary durability as well as its brilliance that surpasses all jewelry, is a very smart choice with its affordable price compared to other precious stones. You can easily use this magnificent jewel instead of a diamond by buying a larger stone than the number you will buy with a diamond. Our moissanite stone products are imported 925 sterling silver. Since silver is an easily tarnished material, all of our 925 sterling silver products are platinum plated to make it harder to tarnish and look like real gold. In appearance, it looks more like real gold or a jewel than silver. Therefore, you can easily use it with your real diamond and gold jewelry. All stone models are produced with the “setting” technique, which we call jewelery craftsmanship, that is, they are not glued stones.


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