925 Carat Silver Gold Plated Jewellery Workmanship Fancy Stoned Middle Stone Growing Waterway Bracelet

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The wristband is 19.5 cm in length. The shipment is made by reducing it to the desired size.

The largest stone length is 3 ct, that is, the stone diameter is 9.4 mm

Our product is imported 925 carat silver. Since silver is an inherently easy-to-darken material, all of our 925-carat silver products are gold (Micron) coatings to make it more difficult to darken and look like real gold. In appearance, it looks more like real gold or a jewel than silver. Therefore, you can easily use it with your real diamonds and gold jewelry. All stone models are produced with the “nailing” technique, which we call jewelry workmanship, so the bonding is not stone.


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