3 Ct Heart Cut Mozanite Stone Necklace with Four Stones in 925 Carat Silver Platinum Plating Chain

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Mozanite stone is 3 ct.

The pendant length can be adjusted to 40.5 cm, 43 cm or 46 cm.

Impossible to distinguish from diamonds with the naked eye, Moissanite also has a magnificent brightness and durability that lasts a lifetime.

Moissanite, which stands out for its exceptional durability as well as its brightness that outperforms all jewellery, is a very smart choice with its affordable price compared to other gemstones. You can easily use this magnificent gem instead of diamonds by buying a bigger stone for the diamond figure you will get. Our product is imported 925 carat silver. Since silver is an easy-to-darken material by nature, all of our 925-carat silver products are platinum-plated to make it more difficult to darken and look like real gold. In appearance, it looks more like real gold or a jewel than silver. Therefore, you can easily use it with your real diamonds and gold jewelry. All stone models are produced with the “nailing” technique, which we call jewelry workmanship, so the bonding is not stone.

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