Gold Plated (Micron Coating) Jewelery Craftsmanship Turquoise and Black Hearted, Mother of Pearl Nazar Bead Wobbly Four Rows Onyx Stone Design Collar Necklace

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The pendant length can be adjusted between 36.5 cm and 44 cm In our country and in the world, the most accurate name of this technical term, which is more commonly referred to as “Gold Plated”, is “Micron Plated”. The reason it is also called “Gold Plated” is because there is a small amount of gold dust in this coating. The thickness of the coating layer is a measure in microns. All our products are 1 micron coating, which is the highest thickness used in the field of bijuterie all over the world. In other words, they are extremely durable products that are very difficult to darken. In appearance, it looks not like bijuterie, but like real gold or a jewel. Therefore, you can easily use it with your real diamonds and gold jewelry. All stone models are produced with the “nailing” technique, which we call jewelry workmanship, so the bonding is not stone.

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